Get to know your congregation. Access traditional church directory information—plus much more. With Profiles you can view enhanced information about your church members, including details about attendance, involvement and family members, giving you a more complete picture of an individual than a simple name, address and phone number can provide. Individual profiles, individual care. More than just a storage place for information, individual profile pages are interactive, allowing you to add pastoral notes and prayer requests, then decide which other pastoral staff should be notified of an individual’s need for care.

Individuals and Families

  • Complete family and individual profiles
  • Record public or private profile comments
  • Record public or private profile notes
  • Record public or private profile tasks
  • Record public or private prayer requests
  • Define and capture custom fields/attributes
  • Search, export, update, and email lists of people
  • Quick Access Profiles Favorites List
  • Custom Profile Search
  • Advanced Profile Search
  • Saved Searches


  • View ministry involvement
  • View small group involvement
  • View class involvement
  • View group involvement
  • View attendance involvement
  • View recent involvement
  • View skills and talents
  • Track history of touch points with the church
  • Track church building key assignments
  • Store registration history and background/abuse screening checks


  • Complete company/payee profiles
  • Add Invoice(s)
  • Add Check Request(s)
  • Add Contribution(s)
  • View Invoice(s)
  • View Check Request(s)
  • View Contribution(s)

At-A-Glance Graphs & Reports

  • View Gender Split
  • View Age Breakdown
  • View Top Ten Cities
  • View Membership Breakdown

One Click Reports

  • Downloadable Profile Address Book Card
  • Downloadable Congregation Address Book
  • Printable Congregation Directory
  • Baptized Individuals
  • Missing Birthdays
  • Upcoming Birthdays
  • Recently Added Individuals
  • Assigned Keys & Keyholders Added Individuals
  • Member Status (Guests, Newcomers, Attenders, Members) Reports
  • All Small Group Participants
  • All Ministry Participants
  • Members Not Participating in a Ministry or Small Group
  • Inactive Members
  • Willing to Serve (Volunteer Matching)
  • Skills & Talents
  • Classified Children
  • Classified Youth
  • Classified College Students
  • Classified Adults Not in a Small Group
  • Classified Adults Not in a Ministry
  • Individual Parents of Classified Children
  • Individual Parents of Classified Youth
  • Individual Parents of Classified College Students
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