Pastoral Care Tasks

Simple Alerts and Getting Things Done

Tasks in Community Center was designed to log a task and "forget about it," and allow Community Center to do the heavy lifting of keeping track of the task, who it's realted to, and when it's due. Tasks are integrated with Notifications to ensure you don't miss a thing.

As pastors, having to manage all of the details of congregant care can feel overwhelming, so Community Center steps in to allow you log the care information, the follow-up details or actions required to complete the care.

Pastors report that having a tasks module integrated into Community Center is helping improve their day-to-day pastoral care workflow. Tasks in Community Center help distribute the pastoral care workflow and ensure that no one slips through the cracks.

Community Center helps distribute the pastoral care workload, while keeping everyone informed. The integration of pastoral notes, prayer requests, and tasks in Community Center ensures that the results and information of every pastoral care touch point are right at the finger-tips of the whole pastoral team.

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