Pastoral Care Software

Manage the Details. Love the People.

Community Center for Churches is an all-in-one pastoral care tool that handles your church information with ease. And CCC doesn't just store your data, it displays and organizes it so you can more effectively reach out to newcomers, care for members and support your leaders. All of this frees you up to focus on what's really important: caring for and serving your congregation.

Designed by Pastors

For years I was overwhelmed trying to meet all the relational demands of the people in our church. I longed for a tool that could merge my love of process with my people's need for relational care.

I searched in vain for a good tool for the task but none of the current church management tools gave me the kind of data I wanted to really understand what was happening in our congregation:

  • Who was engaged and who was checking out?
  • Did all our people have a pastor responsible to care for them?

Of course I also wanted access to my budget, income and expense information. And simple tools to manage prayer requests and care reminders would be nice.

Now it also turns out that I'm a software programmer, so when I couldn't find what I wanted, I decided to write it!

The result is Community Center for Churches (CCC) written by pastors for pastors.



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