Pastoral Care for Leaders

Care for Church Leaders and Get Things Done

Church leaders come in all shapes, sizes and types.
At the simplest level, leaders can be categorized as functional leaders or relational leaders. Functional leaders want to get things done; relational leaders want to make sure people are cared for. Ideally, a church will have some of both types of leader; it's even better if a single leader displays both kinds of leadership.

Pastoral Phone Calls Bridge the Gap.
To address the difference, one church's associate pastor came up with a plan to make sure their leaders were cared for. He scheduled a 15-minute call with each small group leader during which the leaders were asked three questions:

  1. How are you doing personally, spiritually and relationally?
  2. How can I be praying for you specifically?
  3. Is there anything that you need to tell me or would like to tell me that you haven't had an opportunity or haven't been given permission to tell me?

Community Center for Churches as a Communication Tool
The pastor took notes and logged everything into Community Center, including any prayer requests. The pastor also asked if he could share their requests with the church's prayer ministry team, but everything the pastor input about the calls was automatically accessible to the senior pastoral team through Community Center because he chose to make his notes available to them. (It's also an option to keep the notes private or make them available only to chosen pastoral team members.)

The results were immediate: The leaders were very surprised and appreciative that the pastor took time out of his schedule to check in on them. Many were downright giddy to receive a personal call from the pastor, and the church's entire pastoral team has since joined in the process, bringing the total number of leaders reached to over 80 thrice-yearly calls.

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