Income - Features List

Track your income. Add income figures from Sunday offering contributions, Internet giving or special—events payments like retreats or conferences, then view your church giving information in the easy-to-read charts and graphs that appear on the Income landing page. And if your church currently uses QuickBooks, Income is set up for easy, one-click export of your data, saving you time and resources. Reports & Admin Authorized users can generate a variety of financial giving reports and change report intervals. The Admin sub-module allows you to add and view accounts and departments, and even generate a thank-you letter in response to a financial gift to the church—a light touch that allows the donor to feel connected to the mission of the church.

At-A-Glance Graphs & Reports

  • View Contributors
  • View Average Gift
  • View Income (Tax Deductible)
  • View Income (All Sources)
  • View 12 Month Total Giving Chart
  • View 12 Month Average Giving Chart
  • View 12 Month Total Giving Table

Merged Statements & Letters

  • Company Contribution Statement
  • Individual Contribution Statement
  • Family Contribution Statement
  • Individual Giving Letter
  • Family Giving Letter
  • Family Giving Letter - Non-Giving Members
  • End of Year Financial Letter
  • First Time Giver Letter
  • Non Cash Donation Letter


  • Rapid data entry of contribution data
  • Individual Contribution Report
  • Account Summary Report
  • Account Summary by Type Report


  • Search by Individual
  • Search by Company/Payee
  • Search by Contribution Date

One Click Reports

  • Lapsed Givers
  • First Time Givers
  • Executive Summary
  • Contributor's Weekly Giving
  • Leaders' Giving - All Tax Deductible Gifts
  • Leaders' Giving - General Fund Gifts Only
  • Contributor by Contribution Type
  • Contributor Participant
  • Income - Year-to-date
  • Income - Last Fiscal Year
  • Profit & Loss - Year-to-date
  • Profit & Loss - Last Fiscal Year
  • P/L by Department - Year-to-date
  • P/L by Department - Last Fiscal Year
  • Custom Department Income
  • Custom Account Summary
  • Top 50 Individual Givers
  • Top 50 Individual Givers Year-to-Year
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