Dashboard - Features List

Community Center for Churches (CCC) gleans critical, up-to-the-minute church data from each of its five modules and delivers it to you on your Dashboard in easy-to-read graphs, charts and lists. Tailored to the individual user, Dashboard allows you to create a customized reminder system with My Tasks and Notifications, so you'll always know what's on your daily agenda.

At-A-Glance Graphs & Reports

  • View Congregation
  • View Attendance
  • View Small Groups
  • View Ministries
  • View Guest Cards
  • View Newcomer Retention Rate


  • Upcoming Birthday
  • Create Expense Form
  • One-Click Access to Open LeaderCare™
  • One-Click Access to Open Guest Cards
  • One-Click Access to Profiles Favorites List
  • One-Click Access to Small Groups
  • One-Click Access to Ministries
  • One-Click Access to Groups
  • One-Click Access to Classes
  • One-Click Access to Budgets
  • View Lapsed Givers
  • View Lapsed Attenders


  • Integrated with Notifications
  • Six categories(s)
  • Downloadable Tasks Calendar
  • Push Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • "Log it and forget about it."™
  • CCC does the heavy lifting


  • Prayer Requests & Pastoral Notes
  • Lapsed Givers
  • Lapsed Attenders
  • Tasks
  • Budget Management
  • Profile Changes
  • Another 135 available notifications

In/Out Board

  • Pastoral Care
  • Staff Management
  • Team Collaboration Management
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