Step One: Enter Your Contact Information

Filling out the form below creates your CCC administrator account.
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Step Two: Choose Your Web Address

Every account has its own unique URL, or web address, where you'll log in.
For example, if your church name is Westminster Community Church you might want your web address to be westminsterchurch.mycsquared.com, and you'd enter "westminsterchurch" in the field below. (Please use letters only—no spaces or symbols.)



Step Three: Enter Your Credit Card Info — It's Secure

Enter your MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card information on the next page.
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Create Your Account
In Step 1, you'll be setting up your account administrator.

In Step 2, you'll be choosing the web address for your account, so think about creating a web address that's easy for you and other staff and volunteers to remember.