Pastoral Care Notifications

Simple Alerts and Getting Things Done

Notifications aren't anything special--they are just simple, short alerts. An example of the power of a notification is when our credit card company calls or emails us when a suspicious charge appears on our credit card. It's sort of like an early warning system: it alerts us that something might be wrong or may require our attention. It's this aspect, the early warning system, that prompted us to incorporate into Community Center. There are over 135 notifications in Community Center, which can be customized to ensure you get the alerts you want.

For me, there are six major areas that I wanted to be notified about:

  1. Prayer requests & Pastoral notes. Community Center sends notifications anytime anyone adds a pastoral note or a prayer request.
  2. Lapsed Givers. Every day, Community Center prepares a report of givers who have stopped giving or haven't given in the past 120 days.
  3. Lapsed Attenders. Every day, Community Center prepares a report of attenders who have participated in the life of the church in the past 90 days.
  4. Tasks. Anytime a task is assigned, Community Center notifies you.
  5. Budget management. If you use Community Center to help keep track of your expenses and budgets, you can be notified when an expense is submitted to a budget under your supervision/control.
  6. Profile changes. Because Community Center is web-based, it is also decentralized, so having notifications sent when a membership status changes or when someone become inactive is helpful to ensure the integrity of your church database.

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